Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hello Miami!!

After a long flight, a quick week in a B&B with rental car from the airport and Kris's almost first two weeks of his new job under his belt (with an impressive 67 hours his first week to dive in and make some incredible progress!) we are settled in (without boxes of course, but they're coming!)  We got in late Friday the 23rd, got our bags, got our rental, got Chloe out of her carrier, and got to SLEEP! : )  The first weekend was all about exploring...we were dying to see the ocean so headed to Biscayne Key to walk along the beach, and then to South Miami to stare at some gorgeous sail boats and randomly run across the best burger joint in Miami where they do make some of the most incredible burgers and suggest beer-pairings to go along with them. It was fantastic!  We got ourselves acquainted with the area, Chloe got x-rays and sadly her foot is still broken and in need of at least six more weeks of healing time in the splint.  We found Costco (yay!) and got our new membership, both there and at this lovely bar called World of Beers that's right near the apartment building where we found an apartment in  less than a week that's right next to (almost) Kris's new work building!  When the apartment deity smiles on us, he smiles BIG!  We found a 2/2 (2 bed, 2 bath) in a building where we have a stacking washer/dryer in our unit, a gorgeous swimming pool and small hot tub and moderate gym, and where all utilities are included in rent except for electricity.  We score.  We're in this little neighborhood that has EVERYTHING! A major chain grocery store called Publix that's akin to Safeway, a handful of restaurants, a furniture store, a mall across the street, a strip-mall across the street behind our complex, a metro station and major bus station right behind our building, another mall (with Target!) that's a metro stop away, a Animal Hospital right down the street.....I could go on, but you get the picture.  When we look for places to live, we do extremely well.  It's like a little city all to ourselves and everyone else who lives here.  
Kris has jumped into work, I've been totally acclimating to the neighborhood and Chloe's adjusting very well to her hew apartment and the new smells and new people who have to be convinced that she did, in fact, actually try to break up a bar fight in Switzerland and got stomped on to break her foot.  They finally believe us and then suddenly she's the toughest, bravest dog in the world!  I'm convinced that she's a huge faker...When I leave her for a while to get groceries or coffee I listen on the way back, and do not hear her crying until I turn the key in the lock and then she comes running to the door all worked up, whimpering and excited...she's adjusting VERY well.  I can leave her for almost an hour to go to the pool and get a few laps and some sun in (I'm trying to tan before I burn!) and she does well on her own for a bit.  I'm hoping that if I decide to work that it'll be that much more easily adjustable for her.  
We are so excited to be here, to be back by the ocean, to be back in the States, to learn Spanish (for Kris, I've got some major brushing-up to do) to be way closer to our friends and family for us to visit them and vice-versa.  We're not planning on going anywhere for a few years! Living abroad was so fabulous but we're looking forward to getting settled here for a while, keeping on with our plan to find our dream sailboat, taking vacations to the tropics and exploring before we take off and run away to live in them.  But being back Stateside for awhile is going to be great!
Happy (re) Settling!

Allie H.

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