Thursday, February 21, 2013

2013 Edition of Firsts!

So I tried this last year, keeping track of all my "firsts" for the year and I'm going to keep it up, and expand my list!  So far, notably, we're starting with the obvious:
1. Living on a boat full time, with live-aboard status at one harbor!
2. Indian food!  I've had some before but specifically, tonight, we ordered Lamb Palak, which is lamb in special creamy spinach sauce. I don't know what makes it special but I'm going to find out when it's delivered :) A few weeks ago we had Tikka Marsala and I believe I've tried that before but I'm trying new things!  
3. Boat repairs! We had a couple electrical shorts over the last couple weeks, separately, and the first time it happened overnight during the week and so spent the day without power.  Luckily, our neighbor, who is a contractor and had redone his entire boat, was around in the morning as we were leaving for work and was around well in time to help me make the repairs before I had to go pick up Kris.  He took a look at the electrical panel and figured out where the problem was, and we went to the hardware store where he has a discount code and we got what we needed.  He showed me how to strip a wire and crimp it to a new connector to stick it back on the bus bar.  Voila!  We plugged everything back in to shore power and gave it a try, and it worked!  The next time it happened we were able to borrow his tools but we pretty much knew what we needed to do.  Go me!  I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of these firsts because we have an ongoing list of boat repairs that need to be done, including replacing the head (toilet, for you landlubbers), replacing the curtains, repairing the cushions in the salon, fixing the stove/oven so we can cook more effectively on the get my drift. Lots o'stuff needs our attention!  As well as eventually rewiring the whole boat.  
4.  Okay, I don't have a four yet.  But we just bought an electric one-burner hot plate last night so I imagine cooking an omelet on a boat is in the near future :)  We've been trying to do well in our eating as our only cooking facilities on the boat has been a gas grill, but now, we will be able to get a few more homemade meals in, which would be awesome.  We also grabbed a plastic measuring cup as I've been not wanting to have the pyrex aboard the boat for it to shake loose from a cupboard and possibly break while tacking out on the bay.  I love my pyrex measures so I'd like to keep them intact! I've had cooking utensils on the boat for stirring instant mashed potatoes and such so we're ready to make more meals at home, which I'm looking forward to.  
Next week's adventure is going to be spending some time with my folks!  Kris is being sent to WI for training for his work for two weeks and so it's time to take the next wander around my hometown.  Oddly enough, everyone keeps asking if I'm going with him, but it's two weeks, in snowy cold weather, in the middle of WI, where I'm not going to know anyone or have anything to do while Kris is training, so no: I'm staying where it's nice and sunny and fairly warm!  I'm going to hang out with my mom, watch Skyfall with my dad (because we just watched it and oh, I'm so willing to watch it again for him), possibly get my hair re-dyed by my Jovita, maybe go visit some of my favorite high school teachers as I've missed doing while traveling the world, maybe sail with my dad, maybe sew something with my mom, who's going to help with my sewing machine as last time I used it, it was having some bobbin tension issues like it frequently enjoys having with me.  (I have a tote bag strap to repair, so this might be the time.)  Things to do, people to see!  And maybe another first.  We'll see.
Keep checking, and I'll keep updating!
Happy Plans, Everyone!

Allie H.