Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Projects!!! So excited!

I've been falling in love with embedded-object resin bangles!  So I decided I needed to take the leap...
Thanks to Birthday monies on Amazon, I searched for and purchased two bangle molds, about the same diameter but different widths, bangle mold release and conditioner (so when I pour in the resin, it will actually come out when it's been set up) and am now going to be on the hunt for clear-craft pouring resin.  There's some on Amazon, of course, but unlike the molds and the spray, they will not ship to Europe so I'd either have to send it to one parental house or the other and have them forward it on (which may need to be done as I think one of my books and my wooden unfinished bangles are hopefully there and I didn't lose them completely...)  Not finding the wooden bangles here is the reason I've decided to shift into the world of resin anyway...I've come to a slight writing block and have decided that since I'm stuck, I need to keep the creative brain going on something else.  While I have tons of ideas for wooden bangles, I searched through every box we've not unpacked and to my dismay, couldn't find them!!!  AUGH!!  
Anyway, I've been seeing pictures of cute crafty home-made bangles all over the place and decided, "I would love to try that someday..."  Well, not being able to craft something that I own and can't find make this that day!  So online I went!  
Here's the picture of the new toys, that showed up in the mail today.  The spray was supposed to be here yesterday but as it was a regional holiday, no mail.  The molds themselves were supposed to be here anywhere from one to two weeks from now and they showed up, quick as can be!  The buzzer rang today and I ran down and signed for one package, not quite understanding that the delivery guy was saying that there was another package for me that hadn't needed to be signed for so it was already in my mailbox-Kris brought it up at lunchtime.  
So-my toys:
And here's a few dreamy pictures of the bangles I've been seeing that would be absolutely fun to make myself (or buy and own in case my foray into resin is not successful-something I'm hoping doesn't happen.)
 Candy Sprinkles
 Simple Thread
 Unused Film-strip
You can do some many things with these!  I especially want to do something candy-filled just for kicks, otherwise, beads, baubles, paper, fabric-searching on the internet I've discovered you really can do just about anything you want!  The larger mold I bought turned out to be a touch thinner than I expected so it will cut down a touch on the possibilities but I'm still completely excited and looking forward to doing figuring out what I can do with them.  
In OTHER news...I found a new website that I'm in love with.  It's called Pinterest and it's really just a giant bulletin board of all your favorite things.  The only thing that sucks is that you can't upload your own photos from your computer, but still fun to play with.  They divide your pin-boards into categories, and they suggest a ton, like Recipes, Fashion, Food, Art, Design, Favorite Places, Favorite Books, etc...and then you can make your own.  They suggest people for you to follow and if you find something you like on someone else's boards, you can "Like" it like on Facebook, and you can "Repin" it to your board if you want.  It's all photos but when you pull something off the internet to pin, Pinterest will automatically site the source.  It's been my new obsession for the past week!  You can show off what your favorites are, and it's a great way to find new crafty ideas or craft methods that you might not have otherwise considered!
This is my page: http://pinterest.com/bluealliecat/
Go check it out and enjoy!  

Happy (pinning) and crafting!

Allie H.