Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What would you do?

Hubby asked me last night what I would do to improve the country/world (some sphere of community or was late. I forget. I apologize!)
Aside from knocking some sense into our politicians, I'd like to someday launch the COOL community center for teens under 18 that my college business class group had to develop implementation plans for as our class final project/presentation. Among other things. That being said...

What would you do? Please, share!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Make-up at the Gym...?

Just watched (and wished I hadn't because it is making me realize that there are a lot of seriously vain people in the world) a little video clip on make-up tips and how to do your make-up so that you can look cute while you're at the Gym working out.  

Just thought I'd let that sentence sink in for a moment.  Seriously.  The silliest tip was to wear a waterproof mascara and not to apply too much of it so that you won't look like you have two black eyes after a vigorous workout.  My tip?  Don't wear any at all!  Why on earth would you put make-up on your face to cover your "flaws" when you're going to be sweating it off, cheeks getting red, etc, etc?  It's not like you've going to be smiling your whole way through your workout, right?  The gal (with the pencil-adjusted eyebrows) actually said "nothing looks worse than the girl with the raccoon eye and the make-up sweating off her face."  Makes me think you don't want make-up at all, right?  But no.  She advised a tinted, oil free moisturizer to give you that nice, fresh-faced glow.  What?  I would have to guess that if you're planning to look cute while working out, you're in a co-ed exercise class.  Which means, the men in your class, are probably going to be more interested in staring at your spandex or lycra encased behind instead of your perfectly perky eyes.  Just guessing.  Can another woman tell me that wearing no make-up at all the the gym makes perfect sense to her?  Please?  You're going to sweat it off, and you're going to wipe off all that sweat with a towel, at the very least, or shower it off, so why waste the product (and the money) in the first place?  It's just a bit ridiculous.  

Allie H.