Monday, July 30, 2012

Countdown to Friday and High School Reunions

It's an official countdown!  Last week or so we found out that Kris's blood work had finally come back and so we were able to book his leg surgery.  It's this Friday, and we prepared by doing a "quick" run to Costco (I know, there's no such thing but we did pretty well in not spending what we usually spend) and getting a newer used car.  We had been thinking of waiting for a little while longer but Kris was just approved for a car loan and he wanted me to be able to have a car to take car of anything that comes up while he's on bed-rest for the week after surgery and getting him home and to and from physical therapy.  It will be so much more efficient than hoping that the Metro is running on time and finding someone's car to borrow to pick him up and take him home when he's released.  And now, when company comes, we've got a nice car with tons of trunk space to Since this isn't Kris's first rodeo he knows when to eat to take his medications, etc, so I plan on abusing the hell out of the crock pot to make multiple meals in one swoop.  And we're in the perfect location-CVS right here for any prescriptions and Publix for any last minute grocery store needs.  We're going in tomorrow to do a final work-up and to figure out everything else he's going to have to do to prep for Friday.  AND they let him know that they want him to stay in the hospital for three days after his surgery.  We were thinking that it would only be an overnight stay but there you have it.  He's getting a week off work and so he'll barely be home for bed-rest before he's limping back to the office on crutches.  At least Chloe will have plenty of extra cuddle time.  She's so good about being with someone when they're sick or hurting, and all she wants to do is tuck herself right in the middle of it all and give kisses and be a cuddle-buddy.  (Unless I'm blowing my nose every five minutes...I think she kinda gets grossed out by that, which is fine.  It grosses me out, too!)  She'll be a little confused by the crutches for a while, I think, but I think that sooner than that she'll figure out that she needs to stay out of the way for the next six months.  But of course-one family member gets her splint off and her foot healed and back to her bouncy self before someone else has to endure some major poking and prodding and serious recovery time.  

What else is going on...Chloe! I've decided that Chloe the super-dog is going to get a super-cape and that it should be a World of Beer cape because she's been widely accepted by everyone there as their new mascot. Totally serious. Once all the servers inside find out we're there, they all come out and say hello and give pets and bring her water and dog biscuits and get licked for their adoration. She's got super powers!  Super powers need a super cape, right?  So, we were mentioning this to Eileen, one of the employees there, who'd pulled up a chair to chat for a few minutes and she got excited and went into the back to find an old promo t-shirt for me to use. I've since been informed by my dad that the sewing machine is shipping out and should be here soon to put to use. (So, so excited!) If you've never done a search on the internet for how to make a cape for your dog, you should. You'll be surprised by the amount of results. I think I've figured out how to make it for her in a way that won't require hitching it to her collar or wrapping it around her neck. as the only means of keeping it on her.  I want it to drape nicely down her little back and not just flop off either side.  Now, if I could just remember to do before-and-after pictures or step by step as I go...

I'm also debating going to my ten-year reunion.  It's coming up on August 18th (which is the more formal cocktail hour and dinner evening, followed by a family & kid friendly picnic) and while I think it would be fun to go, since we have the extra Delta miles for me to fly to Monterey & back, part of me wonders who all else is going that I would like to see and catch up with, and part of me wants to get through this first week with Kris on bed-rest and then how he does getting back to work and how well he's recovering so far to know that I could be able to take a few days away and go see some of my fellow class-mates.  There's a deadline to buy the ticket a few days before the event, of course, so I have a little time to decide.  Which leaves me posing a question to everyone out there: Did you go to your ten year reunion?  How did you like it?  Was it fun?
Thoughts, please!

Whew!  This is going to be quite the next two weeks.  We'll keep you posted!
Happy Healing (and Healthy Living!)

Allie H.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Our Swanky Miami Apartment!

So a week or so ago I promised a few pics of our place...and here they are! Still mostly devoid of some key furniture, as you can see but still awesome. Guest room (the one full of boxes) is still just overflow but I''ve been so happy to sift through books and clothes needed to survive the Miami weather!  We definitely need at least one more tall bookcase and then we can rotate our library from there!
Enjoy your weekend!
Allie H.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Settling In and Writing...and Missing Hats.

It's hard to believe that we've been here in Miami for four months now but it's true! And it's awesome.  Chloe's foot is healing and she's way more happy, super playful and seems to only hold her foot up at the end of the night when she's been using it all day.  And we seem to be settled in, despite still needing living room furniture.  But I've been repacking boxes so all the cold weather clothing is separated is packed away, all of the books are all in boxes with only themselves, the kitchen supplies and (maybe) all of the glassware is taking up space in the cupboards and on the counter. I'm realizing writing this that I haven't gotten pictures up of the new place yet but I'll work on that!  But, my Dad was awesome enough to send my Kenmore mixer and a few other things that weren't worth taking with us because of the plug differences like Kris's raclette grill and my Pizelle iron so I cam make my own syrup waffles for Christmas.  I think I'm trading with my mom and getting one of her lighter-weight sewing machines, too, so I can start crafting more efficiently!  We reached our 100 mark at World of Beers and I got my 100 t-shirt and re-fitted it to work better (loped off the sleeves, the neckline, and cut it down the sides, snipped, tied and fringed it.)  You know promo shirts...awesome but usually boxy and built for unisex sizing?  It's way cuter now.  I only wish I'd gotten a "before" shot, but you can imagine.  It came out pretty good, considering I hadn't yet located my Generation T book to follow along the basic instructions.  No sewing required, but I have a few other tees that I'm looking to up-cycle and I suck at hand sewing in a straight line longer than three inches (and it's really not my favorite thing to do) so the machine would come in very handy.  When that's here, I'll be super-happy!  Now, for the kitchen, I just need cookie sheets and a set of Pyrex baking dishes.  The living room needs a couch and bookshelves and a desk. And maybe a nice bar cart for the corner?  I'd love a little bar cart!  If only to get all of the liquor glasses out of the cupboards and off of the counter. I've already broken a shot glass just trying to do the dishes.  : ( 

I have to admit I love being back in the states with all of the US Holidays.  Kris gets a random day off in the middle of the week and Chloe gets all confused by the schedule and life is good!  The 4th of July was awesome!   We got a ton of fireworks and had a BBQ in the park near our friend's house.  I need, again, a good floppy summer hat.  Remember the one I waited so long for and picked up in Cali when we visited the states?  Somehow, somewhere, I lost track of it in Switzerland.  I'd noticed that moving to the last apartment in SW, I hadn't seen it anywhere and figured it was tucked into a tote bag, and I've been through everything here and cannot find it.  Its gone and I don't think Target sells it I need a replacement.  I did take advantage of the Old Navy flip flop sale and now I have seven pairs, plus three new pairs of linen shorts that were absolutely needed and keeping me cool.  I only had the one pair from Switzerland and that wasn't going to cut it.  Talking to my BF Kelsey this morning I decided I just need to include all my full length jeans in the cold-weather clothing box and just get used to buying shave gel in bulk at Costco!  She's already given up full-length pants in Boston for the summer where she's kicking ass and taking theatre managing gigs left and right.  So proud of her!  

I am working on stories, and feeling pretty good about it!  I was telling Kris the other day that being here, I've written and edited more in the last three months than I have all year and how awesome it feels to be making some progress!  We both got ourselves business cards with our emails and new Florida numbers and all and while I'm not exactly looking for a job right now  it would be good to hand out to other writers to network and spread the blog around a little more, maybe edit other people's work with a fresh eye, etc.  The cards are pretty purple and we got new Galaxy SIII phones yesterday, and I got a purple cover for it and realized after the fact that it matched my cards!  I can network in style!  I love it when I do things like that.  I even painted my nails purple yesterday to make it a matching trio.  Anyway, it's been a great writing streak and I'm hoping that I can keep it up.  Writing, crafting, all of it!
Have a great weekend, everyone! 

Allie H. 
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The back of my WOB shirt, pre collar cut down. The fringing came out nicely!
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