Saturday, July 28, 2012

Our Swanky Miami Apartment!

So a week or so ago I promised a few pics of our place...and here they are! Still mostly devoid of some key furniture, as you can see but still awesome. Guest room (the one full of boxes) is still just overflow but I''ve been so happy to sift through books and clothes needed to survive the Miami weather!  We definitely need at least one more tall bookcase and then we can rotate our library from there!
Enjoy your weekend!
Allie H.


  1. So I know that two of those pictures are sideways...but I've just discovered that I can BLOG from my lovely new Galaxy Slll. Adventures in phone-blogging..I'm definitely getting a bluetooth fold-out keyboard for this :) We can take a day-trip and I can blog, then and there. Hell, yeah!

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