Monday, April 30, 2012

Central Florida Lady Bloggers

Yay!  I just found out earlier today that there's a Facebook page for a group called the Central Florida Lady Bloggers and I'm excited!  I found them on through a link from a pin on Pinterest and they look awesome!  They have events and regular meet-ups and meet each other in person and go to regional blogging conferences and everything!  I "Liked" their page and now I totally want to go to their next meetup and see what everyone does, what they blog about, who they are, what they want to get out of their blogging.  I'm wondering if there are the same sorts of groups in other states.  Fellow lady bloggers, let me know!  If you're a lady blogger and you're in one of these groups, say hi and let me know what you like about them!

Happy Blogging!

Allie H.

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