Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My 2012 off to a great start!

We've only been here just under a month but being in a new state, back on home soil, has kick-started my 2012 list of doing things that are new to me! Here we go, so far:

*First time in Miami. (First time in Florida, for that matter!)
*First time ever eating conch.  You know conch-shells?  Apparently while they're still in the ocean, they house snail-like critters and they are very tasty when battered and fried and served with various dipping sauces.
*First Beer Bar Membership at World of Beer. (They give you a dollar discount per dog-labeled beer on Tuesdays if you bring your dog!)
*First time driving a Kia Sedona (our rental car from the airport.)
*First time driving a Range Rover! (The car we're acquiring.  Plenty of room for beach chairs and a mini BBQ, Costco runs and more.)
*First time with an assigned parking spot in our rental agreement (that we're actually using!)
*First time staying at a Air B&B accommodation (our temporary home while finding an apartment while finding a place the first week we were in town.)
*First time living in an apartment complex that has a pool (that I've actually used!) 

We're planning to see a few basketball games for the Miami Heat, maybe a hockey game or two, and this would be the perfect place for me to get my scuba-diving certification!  Stay tuned...We've got a lot of new things to do here : )  What has everyone else done for the first time this year? Please share!
Happy New (Experiences!)


Allie H.

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