Saturday, March 10, 2012

Back to the Ocean...On a new Shore!

As I was a year and roughly seven months ago, I'm sitting here in my living room, contemplating the pile of tape-secured boxes that are rapidly piling up in the hall and in the extra room, masking tape and packing tape rolls scattered around, wondering what's left that still needs to be carefully wrapped in bubble tape and what books I'm going to put in my suitcase so I'll have something to read when we get to our new destination.  We are switching continents again, coming back to our home country, but to a brand new state for both of us, and a brand new coastline!  Life throws us choices and we have to make decisions and while we've LOVED living in Lugano, traveling to various places in Switzerland and Europe while we can, meeting new people and making new friends, we're off to do it all over again.  And since we were dreaming of the Caribbean before coming here, Miami will be all the closer to make plans for our future adventures.  Kris needed to make a job change and a company in Miami offered him that change. He's scheduled to start on the 26th so we leave here on the 23rd, get into town, and I get to apartment-hunt!  We've got friends coming by today to "shop" for furniture/appliances that we can't take back with us (different voltages...but we're keeping the Nespresso machine and getting a converter plug...everything else can go to a new home!)  I'm mentally sorting work clothes and warm-weather clothes from all the other stuff that's going to be packed into boxes.  We've alerted our electric company, cable company, our health insurance, the county office that we're leaving.  Kris is on his way back from Ikea with packing boxes as I'm writing this (it is absolutely impossible to find them anywhere but here...people here apparently just don't move enough to need more than one moving supply store that's two towns away.)  
There's so much I'm going to miss here, all our friends, the wonderful food and atmosphere, the snow in the winter, but I have to say that I'm definitely looking forward to getting back to 24-hour grocery stores, easily accessible baking soda and baking powder that comes in quantities of more than 1 tablespoon per packet, not reading labels in German or French and trying to figure out if I'm actually buying sour cream or some entirely different dairy product.  I'm looking forward to re-learning my grasp of Spanish, and sampling the local cuisine.  I'm getting hungry just thinking of fish tacos, fresh tortilla chips, guacamole and Cadillac margaritas!  And while we are someday going to come back to Europe and do a proper tour across it, it's going to be so much nice to be so many hours closer to home and friends and less expensive plane rides to get there.  And ranch dressing. And milk.  I sorely MISS two percent milk!  The stuff here is decent once you get used to it, but after a year and a half, I'm still not quite sure that I'm used to it.  And Costco.  If they have Costco or something similar in Miami, I will be ecstatic.  
Off to more packing!  US, we will see you soon.
Happy Life Changes!

Allie H.

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