Thursday, February 16, 2012

Proper Grammar is Sexy!

See?  The sign says so.  It's true.

I have a bone to pick with the American public at large.  I know that with the young texting generation, conversations include, "LMAO," "BRB" and so on, mostly because teens these days can't be bothered to pick up a phone call and actually have a conversation with someone. But for every other conversation,  Facebook post, blog, even news articles, can we please follow the proper rules of spelling, grammar and syntax?  Please?  I'm begging you.  It's not so difficult.  I know there are people out there who are habitually bad spellers, but can everyone else attempt to proofread before they put something out into the world?  People are learning your mistakes and adopting it as being correct.  I'm sure that many people see an error in a newspaper article or online publication and assuming that it's correct, as news agencies are responsible for being factual.  And for everyone not holding down a reporter's desk?  You're doing it, too.  I saw this caption on Pinterest the other day in regards to a quick party food: "These would be so fun for party's!"  Apostrophes do not make a word plural!  I understand that many people simply copy a pin and copy the caption as many times they like the comment, or that the ingredients or the craft steps or what have you in relation to the pin are all written out in the caption area so you don't have to click on the link to find the webpage it's connected to, but it's really not going to hurt you to quickly scan it and make sure there are no glaringly obvious errors.  Don't pass them forward!  
I know I'm not the best with proper grammar but when someone' being paid to write and they'r making mistakes, it really ruffles my proverbial feathers.  I read news articles online and wonder if there are journalism students out there as offended as I am when I see an error, and I'm sure they're wondering why the're working so hard to study and get their degrees when a mistake can be made and simply retracted the next day with a corporate apology.  I seriously wonder.  And what of the editors that these online publications say they have?  Do they really proofread these days or do they merely check the word-count and give it a gold star?  Maybe they've been locked in the broom closet, stripped of their credentials and the key to the nuclear missile-style button encased in a shiny plexi-glass cover, painted an extraordinary shade of candy apple red with the word "PUBLISH" carefully etched in a white veneer across the slightly curved surface. In my head, it's one of those buttons that when you push it, there's no going back.  (James Bond, if you want a little extra cash in your off-time, you should be hanging around these buttons. You could save lives, I'm sure.)  Editors used to be in for the love of teaching their underlings to become wonderful reporters, no matter what the subject.  What's with the lack of excellence these days?  When I care to read online news and entertainment articles anymore, I spot at least three errors that could have easily been spotted before spread out into the world.  I think I'm going to take it upon myself to be the scourge of the internet comment fields, pointing out every spelling and grammar error I can find until the news agencies at large somehow find me and contact me, begging me to stop, at which point I'll offer to proofread every article and get paid $20 per article if I fix any errors.  Someone I think it would be better money spent than the salary their staff is getting to either ignore or not understand the mistakes that are being made.  I'm giving myself the title of Grammar Queen.  Someone needs to do it...might as well be me.  

Happy Grammar!

Allie H.


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