Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weather...summer weather!

I am absolutely enthralled to be able to experience an actual summer!  Don't get me wrong, I loved Monterey summers, but to not have fog in the morning?  Will be nice!  To be able to wander outdoors after dark and not need a sweater?  Can't wait!  Having said that, I know it's going to be blasted hot and super sunny, so I'm preparing-I bought a pair of pants here that are black, double layer breezy fabric, that go all the way down to the floor (even on my ridiculous long legs) and have little ties to get them UP off the floor.  Have shorts from showing up here at the end of last summer, capris, and soon, thanks to Target, I'll have this beauty!

Went shopping downtown yesterday and tried on every floppy sun-hat I could find and after having seen this picture and thinking I could hold off on ordering it, nothing I could actually touch and try on seemed quite right, so yes, it's on it's way to my parent's house to pick up when we visit in a few weeks!  (Which is exciting enough in itself, but I'll be picking up this gem, and thanks to Writer's Digest, a few writing books to fuel the creative system, one on Travel writing, one with 101 Habits for successful writers, and one to schedule your current writing project.  Books to read on the plane back home!)  As it's going to be quite hot in two of the other states we'll be visiting as well, sure this will be able to come in handy even back in the states.  Can't wait!  As I'll be chopping off most of my hair (hopefully mere minutes after landing in Cali...and by minutes, of course, I mean, a day or two), it'll fit quite nicely, I think.  There was one here similar to this that was gorgeous, but $120.  I think I found the bargain for $13, don't you?  Called my mother to let her know a barrage of packages were coming her way-will just have to make sure there's an inch of room in my suitcase to bring it all back home!
Looking forward to wearing all my breezy skirts that have been shelved over the winter as tights don't even block the cold from the snow.  Maybe I need to ask the local girls where they shop for nylons-there were an incredible amount of gals running around in boots, tights, sweaters, and little skirts and they weren't shivering, so there must be some trick to the brand.  Hmm.  But that's months away!  Bring on the SUN!  Pictures will be coming of the summer fashions.  

In other news, we finally made our way via funiculare up to the top of San Salvatore-check out the views!  All the water is Lake Lugano.  Gorgeous!

Our friend Max hiked to the top, which we'll have to do someday soon, before it gets too hot, but still, a wonderful little half-day trip.  Enjoy!

Allie H.


  1. Ah! You're visiting!! I hope I get to see you!!! :-)

  2. We'll be in Monterey-area for a good week, so yeah! Should be able to come up your way or you guys come down to my folks' house. Grandma and Grandpa going to come either the 7th or 8th for the day so think either Mom or Grandma has contacted Bryan about it, to see what his sched allows. We'll have to do slideshows and the whole bit! Lol. Can't wait to be there!