Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Here we go again, ladies. How to look cute while working out at the gym.

(Or, a little break from the cultural food world...)
Here I was thinking that one of my first ever blog posts about wearing the right kind of make-up to look cute while you're out at the gym was ridiculous...Today's Style has topped it.  They aired a segment for finding the right kind of gym clothing that flatters your body while you're working out at the gym so you look cute.  I'll say it again: working out at the gym means you're going to be sweating, slightly out of breath, with a red face.  Let's face it, if you're seriously working out to lose a few extra pound here and there and keep it off, you're buying clothing that isn't going to fit you in a few months time and will end up sitting at the back of your closet, because then you'll be spending more to buy the new wardrobe essentials for your everyday life that now fit you better.  More money wasted like buying rosy-tinted waterproof foundation to get that perky glow while you're actually red faced underneath and hopefully at least going to wash your face or shower after exercising to get all the sweat off.  Whatever happened to (actual) track pants/sweatpants and tees?  (More reason why I don't spend more on most articles of clothing than I do...someday it's just not going to fit me anymore and I'd like to be able to toss it without agonizing over it.)  
The first girl in the video lost over 100 pounds in the last year wearing what she normally wore...Doesn't seem like being "cute" was an issue for her.  And the third girl went from baggy closed to skin-tight leggings that to me, just enhanced her very ample booty while the stylist was trying to show off her petite top body.  Way to go, Today Style.  I'll give you the "smack forehead" award for the day.  Ladies, I hope you're proud of your bodies whatever body type you are, and if you are in fact working out to lose weight or tone up some muscle, more power to you!  I just think you don't need someone telling you how to dress in order to work up a sweat.
Watch for yourself, if you dare.  It's kinda ridiculous.  


Happy Health!

Allie H.

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