Friday, January 13, 2012

Last Year's Firsts

I started a list of all of my "firsts" from last year, things I'd done that I hadn't done before and I'm going to keep it up for 2012 as we'll be doing some things that we've never done before (Sailing in Tuscany!) and more new exciting things.  

2011 Firsts:
First time to Rome
First time flying on a plane in Italy
First visit to Chamonix, FR
First Fondue Chinoise (on New Year's Eve)
First Cheese fondue cooked with champagne instead of white wine (In Chamonix)
First time eating Escargot (will not be a second time anytime soon...)
First time eating roasted chestnuts (interesting...and gross, at the same time.)
First Wedding Anniversary!!
First time making homemade hummus
First class in taught in Italian that wasn't meant to teach me Italian!
First owned pair of Italian handmade leather boots
First Driver's License from another country
First year using Linux/Ubuntu OS
First full year living in Switzerland!

What "first" things did anyone else do last year, and what do you intend to do this year?

Happy musing!

Allie H.


  1. Cool idea...I think I am too old for this though.
    I have been having the opposite problem recently...128th time I have done a car brake job, 267th time I have done a tune up, 1820th time I have taken the garbage cans out to the curb.....I need to find some firsts I think.

    1. Millpond Scribe, my dear, you're never too old to do anything new! I have a friend who intends to go para-gliding for the first time on her 80th birthday....surely you can find something. I do applaud a good self car-service fan, btw