Sunday, September 11, 2011

Officially a Gardener!

I picked four radishes this morning! Well, I started with the first one that looked ready to be pulled and eaten, rinsed it off in the sink, debated for a second, and did a taste test.  A bit soft in the middle but really great flavor so yay!  I picked three more that looked viable and similar size to the first and I'm calling it a gardening success, considering that I have no idea what I'm doing and I had to translate the seed packets from Italian to English to just even learn how long they took to even germinate (they didn't say how long they would be ready to pick after germinating-had to try and figure that one out for myself and it was either 4 weeks after sprouting or when the radishes began to crown out of the soil.)  There's only a handful more left to be picked but now I know that the soil on that side of the planter box is good and should be able to recycle it for another go-round once I pull the rest!  

The lettuce is still probably in the "halfway there" stage but with the rain and constant watering, it's still looking healthy and happy and getting bigger and prettier every day, and the skinny little green onions are doing their best to get greener and longer as well.  Can't wait to see how those turn out as I'm absolutely certain the lettuce will have no issue-and supposedly once we trim one head of lettuce you can leave the root in and let it grow another.  Will have to look more into that as where we heard that from was friends of ours who'd planted baby lettuce plants instead of bringing them from seed, so I've got some lettuce research to do, but still!  Happy with my first official little radish harvest.


Allie H.

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