Friday, September 2, 2011

Good news(multiple!)

Good news note number one: We have the keys for the new apartment we're going to be moving into within the next month or so!  Cannot wait to get in there, take a bunch of before and after pictures of all the empty rooms, and after when all our stuff has invaded!  It's one less extra bedroom, and only one full bedroom, but still plenty of room for everything.  We fixed the car last night, so everyone, cross your fingers that it stays in good shape to start moving slowly!  I especially love the kitchen and the little balconies and can't wait to organize everything all over again and put my plants out to keep growing...
Which brings me to good news note number two:  After a bout of caterpillar-induced decimation to my radishes, they're bouncing back, and they should be ready to pick soon!  I'd found online, thanks to my new addiction, Pinterest, a homemade recipe for pest control and made up a batch-and after a few days, it did the trick!  The ravaged leaves are coming back healthy and my green onions seem to be thriving (while not bothered by pests I didn't want them spreading to my herbs) and are growing rather well.  My lettuce, not altered by the pest invasion, is a couple of inches tall and blooming rather well.  I'm so excited to be able to use it when it's ready to pick!  My roses, on the other hand-not doing so well.  Going to keep off the pest spray for them for a while and re-up the fertilizer for a while and see how they do.  See pictures below:

 Lettuces thriving

 Look closely-they're little green onions, I swear!
 My poor roses...
Another green onion-planted later than the first batch and doing somehow better...hmmm.  Still excited!

Enjoy!  Allie H.
( it out!  It's fun)

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