Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Digs

We've been moving in to our new place!  We need light fixtures in all of the rooms which is going to be interesting because the ceilings are VERY high, so that should be fun, but we're started the procession of boxes and Chloe is very confused.  Last weekend we took over a first batch of boxes and a bottle of Prosecco and after hauling everything upstairs, popped the bottle and started shelving books!  We had a bookshelf left for us by Kris's now ex-coworker Francisca who said that if we wanted it, it was all ours!  We have such good furniture karma!  We've since made a second trip and dropped more boxes off (quick run, because we were going to have to deal with evening traffic, so we didn't stick around to do more unpacking.)  Chloe's already worried about people wandering out in the hall beyond the front door and will start to growl and we need to squash that behavior pretty quickly.  We're sure that when her stuff is there and we're no longer there for more than an hour, she'll get the idea that if we're not worried about the neighbors, she doesn't need to worry, either.  The only downside for me is that this building doesn't have fireplaces.  Or an elevator.  So furniture moving, when we get to that point, its going to be interesting, for sure!  I loved having this fireplace we have here in this current apartment but suppose we'll just have to make do with the heaters.  Sigh!  I love love love love LOVE the new kitchen, though, so much more spread out, no cabinets in corners to deal with and am thrilled about the two little balconies that are going to be the new homes to my plants, our patio chairs, our BBQ, and hopefully once we stop paying two rents, a little outside table.  One's right outside the kitchen and the other right outside what will become the living room.  Our new bedroom will be able to fit both our closets and quite possibly the dresser I'm utilizing as well and I just know that when we move them, I'm going to be re-organizing all the non-drawer spaces.  Again.  But it'll work out!  We're so super excited to be moving downtown where more of our friends live and to discover new places to hang out, and to be able to walk Chloe in the park everyday and spend more time by the lake.  Moving in summer heat/humidity is a bit un-fun, but we're moving away from the construction sites that are right across the street from our current building and get up and running every morning by 7:30, and we're moving before we lose the view that is about to be obstructed by the building that is apparently going to go up in the lot that can be seen from our patio, so good timing for us!  Anyway...have pictures of our new place!  It's awesome.  It's like one big long rectangle with a hallway that goes from our bedroom on one end and the bathroom on the other with living room, guest room, and kitchen all on one side.  


Allie H.

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