Monday, April 18, 2011

Recent reading...and dreaming

Kris and I bought these books last year at an offshore cruising seminar in Oakland-this family packed up and went cruising for two years, planned, then extended it to six years-mother, father, and three boys-did home school at sea while sailing all over the world!  Even if you're not a sail enthusiast, it's an absolutely interesting read.  

We met Mrs. Copeland at the seminar in the convention midway after drooling at all of the beautiful 40+ foot yachts on display in the harbor and conveyed our desire to sail in the Caribbean and eventually around the world and she was so thrilled at our dream for adventure.  We bought her pack of books and she signed each of them for us and wished us well and on our way soon!  

"Just Cruising" -Europe, Caribbean, Galapagos, South Pacific, and to Australia
"Still Cruising" -Australia, Indian Ocean, Cape of Good Hope, back to the US
"Comfortable Cruising" -Around North and Central America

All written by Liza Copeland with maps, pictures, appendices on planning routes, weather, etc, etc, etc-a wealth of information.  Of course, their trip was several years past but still a wealth of fascinating sites to see, wonderful stories of meeting people in every country who were helpful and fellow cruisers who they constantly saw in different ports around the world, who were like their family at sea, and watching even her youngest boy grow up with a totally different life experience than his classmates from home, an understanding of the world from a very hands on, unique perspective.

Since unpacking our books here and going back to our favorites for a couple of months, we've decided to crack open these books and we're happy we did.  They're fabulous and we are now getting antsy to buy a boat of our own and get gone!

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