Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog blurb number one!

Hi everyone!  My first blog post-so exciting!  I plan on blogging here for a couple of reasons: 
1.  To share with friends and family more of our day-to-day life and what it's like, what we see, do, and learn while we're over here, keep everyone more up to date with our new lives.  
2.  To use this space (hopefully) as a relaxed, free-writing tool where there's less of a goal in mind, unlike my other projects.  Some people know, and some people don't, that I write constantly and would love to be published some day.  While I've got stories and poetry and writing projects, I'm trying to find a regular writing schedule, and starting off with something casual seems like the way to gear up for focusing on a somewhat fixed idea.   
3.  I'll also be posting cool stuff I find, pictures I take, websites I want to share!  So enjoy!  
Allie H.

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