Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lake Lugano

Photos of our first couple of weeks in Lugano-when it was 85 + degrees and humid...gearing up to get back to that weather soon-has been 75+ the past couple of weeks and tons of sun.

Lake Lugano is between Switzerland and Italy-if you take the "giro du lago" tour you quite literally cross into Italian water for a few minutes on the lake Tour boat-the tour shows you all the little towns around the lake, gives you some history, some only accessible by foot from the highway (a couple towns have no streets big enough for cars, so no cars,) the casino, the Swiss Miniature (scale model of all the mountains and tourist spots in SW) a few towns that our little regional train goes to but again, some walking to get to.  You can take the Lake tour, get off at these towns and get back on when the boat comes back by so we'll be doing that as soon as we can, as there's a couple towns we'd like to see-having spent money on plane tickets to come back and visit in June makes expenses a bit tight but can't wait to see the states and everyone for a few weeks, so it's worth it.  But spring is springing around here by leaps and bounds, trees and flowers blooming all over the place, so more pictures will be posted soon.  Daily walks with Chloe-monster are accompanied by the digital camera, or at least my camera phone in case there's something new, interesting and pretty to look at!


  1. Gorgeous! I'm jealous. Tell your husband that Emily says hi.

  2. Thanks, Emily! Will do :)

    Allie H.