Saturday, October 8, 2011

Summer is over!!

It's definitely fall here-a few weeks ago it was still warm in the evening and now it's a "balmy" 59 degrees outside at 5 pm in the evening and going to get a bit chillier before dark.  We've got the plushy throw blankets in use while watching TV shows (yay, new episodes of everything!) and Chloe's now being bundled up her sweaters when we go out.  It was like an instant switch spread out over the last week from still warm to cold!  Walking anywhere slightly warmly dressed keeps you toasty.  It was a fairly rainy summer and seems like it's going to be a dry cold inset of winter for the next month or so.  Fine with was a seriously rainy last fall season.  Chloe will probably better enjoy going outside to do doggie business without having to tramp through too much snow!  My rearranging of clothing in my closets will now be rotating out shorts and short sleeves for long sleeves and cozy sweaters. My scarves and gloves will be close by!  

My burritos for last night's dinner came out wonderfully.  I somehow bought cottage cheese instead of sour-cream (oops) and forgot to put a layer in them when I rolled them up but still put some on top when I baked them, mixed with tomato sauce, and they were so yummy!  They were even better as leftovers for a late lunch today after putting back together the last closet that goes into the guest room.  Kris took over the rice as a side and made Spanish rice, too and I made a salad with some of the lettuce I've grown and it was yummy!  Oh, to be able to empty the box of linens and guest sheets and get it out of the way!  Loving this whole unpacking thing...getting quicker.  We did our first load of laundry-Kris figured out how to make the machine work and as there's no dryer, we hung up all the clothes on the racks that our old neighbors left us and overnight, with just the up-high kitchen window open, even with the cold wind they were close to dry when I checked them this morning.  And I'm stoked-my green onions are really starting to fill out and make their way to full grown, finally.  Hoping I can get another batch by growing them indoors where they can still get light when it gets too cold...I need a little table I can tuck in the opposite corner of the kitchen, I think.  But on the cooking front, I think my next super huge batch of food should be taquitos...they'll fit better in the glass baking dishes I have, too-I got two burritos in the small dish, four in the big dish, and the rest (six more) on the broiler pan.  

Among our television viewing pleasures (with all our favorites giving us new episodes) I've gotten myself a new obsession after Pinterest. We've got all season of Good Eats with Alton Brown (from Food Network) and while I browsed past them and ignored them for a while, I started watching from season 1 last week, here and there, and it's addictive!  It's a really great show and there's lots of little tips and tricks he shows you for cooking and he does a lot of explanation as to why foods react the way they do to other foods, heat, etc-the chemistry behind cooking.  Kris has watched a few of them with me and we both find it really cool.  A lot of "huh!" moments.  Makes me want a few key cooking implements for Christmas.  Due to watching him and looking up a few of his recipes, I now have an account and a "Recipe Box" on the Food Network website, which I've looked through once or twice but didn't think to get an account.  I like having an online recipe box, like my Pinterest, my pins for food will be online where I can find the links for the recipes as opposed the thumbing through my personal cookbooks trying to find "that one recipe I found a couple months back..." ; )  That, and I think we need to antique-fair shop for a good large pasta serving bowl-I had one back in Monterey and it didn't end up here, of course-I think I was too scared to wrap it and have it break in transportation and I cannot remember for the life of me if I stashed it with stuff at my folks' house or gave it to Bill or passed it off at our garage sale or to Goodwill-I'm so hoping I packed it away in my stuff.  But they're in EVERY cooking/kitchen section of most of the department stores around here so hoping I can find a gently used one for nothing, like I found the one I had back in Cali.  Love my second-hand finds.  Wish there were more shops here that actually had comparable prices to the ones back in Cali, too...Swiss people are weird like that.  They have this whole different idea about slightly used stuff...if it's not an antique and actually worth something, most of the time, they give it away or toss it out.  So weird.  

Loving the new OS...working out so much better.  Had a glitch or two that Kris sorted out but no major problems like Windows might be having at the moment after a serious reboot.  Finally got back into my hotmail and got it secure-when I'd tried to login the site told me I'd tried to login too many times that day with the wrong password and to try again tomorrow.  I hadn't tried to login to hotmail the whole time we were moving and settling in the last couple weeks.  Did the whole re-set and filled in all the personal info-the first attempt they told me I didn't have enough info to confirm, so I did it again, and again...and finally after much frustration, they sent me a re-set link.  VICTORY!  So bar in, new password, all ducky.  Think that's enough blog for the moment...
Happy tech'ing!


Allie H.

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