Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vacation in motion!!

Well, we made it to and out of California last week with a bang!  Stayed at my folks' house the first few nights, got to collect my self-presents and all are awesome!  The pants may need some hemming, though, I think, but will worry about that when we get home as I know where an alteration shop is and am wondering if they are any good-it would be a handy piece of information for the future!  Got out to the boat and she looks awesome in person!  Indeed got the hair all chopped off and it feels so much lighter and if I don't want to, don't have to do ANYTHING with it, which makes me happy-got my books, and my pretty sun hat!  Spent a couple days with the folks and then made ourselves scarce with whoever wanted to come along most early afternoons and sail with us!  Got to see a bunch of friends, stopped by my old work and saw the renovations they'd done and had to admit, I was kind of jealous!  Wanted to take a shiny new cubicle home with me....but just don't have the space in our suitcase!  We made it a easy traveling affair-Chloe had her travel carrier, we stuffed everything we could into her regular hard-sided kennel and split the two suitcase compartments between us and counted those latter two as our checked baggage.  As Kris had found a training conference related to his work in Utah that started the day before we were supposed to get in, he came a day earlier, and we did what we could to load him down with luggage, but alas, I had to pull out my stashed purse and fill it full of stuff to have my mom send to me here in Salt Lake as the suitcase was a few pounds overfull and Chloe now counted as my small carry-on item.  But it all worked out.  Ate (and drank) and our favorite places, got in a lot of good sailing, Bagel Bakery bagels and slept a few nights on the boat, were wined and dined by our fabulous friends in PG one evening, and had an all around fantastic visit with my family (grandparents and uncle included as they were nearby for the week) and our friends in Monterey.  Missing them all tons!  So now in Utah for a week, and the Colorado for the week after for our friends' wedding and off back home again- the adventure keeps rolling along!  Cross your fingers, folks-there's a gorgeous boat in the Monterey Harbor at the moment that if we can arrange it, would LOVE to buy from the guy who's selling it for a incredible price.  Come back from SW, have a instant place to live and sail all at the same time!  In the meantime...
Here's a few pics of the boat that my dad bought from my husband, painted inside and out, tinkered, tore apart, and put back together again in time for us to float out on the bay.  Missing the sailing and being rocked to sleep on the water-it's so nice!  

(That's right.  Ginger ale helps settle your stomach on the high seas, and it's a good mixer as well.  It's always cocktail hour on the ocean!)

Allie H.

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