Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Home again!

Well, we made it back from our vacation safe and sound and mostly intact-this seems to be the trip to lose our luggage.  This time, it was on a 4 HOUR layover in Atlanta in which time they somehow didn't manage to get one of our suitcases on our plane.  We informed Milan when we got in and are still crossing our fingers that it gets to us.  It was supposed to be put on the same flight for the next day, and as today is a regional holiday, we're wondering if that meant that local airport told some people to take the day off as well because it was supposedly out for delivery yesterday and didn't show up to our apartment by the end of the day.  Will have to check into tomorrow and see if it's actually going to show up during the day tomorrow otherwise, we'll not be happy.  Chloe either-it has her bedroom doggie bed and a few favorite toys, one of her blankets.  Chloe has been overheated and jet-lagged to the max-I could imagine being tired, too, if I were her!  Like her mom, she doesn't actually fall asleep on an airplane.  She'd like too.  Her body tries to fall asleep but her brain keeps her awake.  And I can't imagine sitting in her travel carrier for 10 hours would be too cozy, either.  Since we got back, she's been melting in the sun and humidity, and barely dragging herself over to the grass outside when we take her down to do her business.  Kris had started to worry a bit until she started to get in play mode this morning and chewing on our fingers.  As it was the aforementioned holiday today, we joined a couple of Kris' coworkers and their families to go to a community swimming pool that's got lanes for laps, a wading/swimming area and a three-lane water slide, which was awesome and provided most of the entertainment for the day.  Today started out humid and very warm, and ended up raining on us by the end of the three hours in which time, we left the pool for the shelter of the cars just in time for it to start pouring down and hailing, super thunder and lightning included!  But the pool was overall way cool, and so think we'll have to make it a regular spot for the summer.  Unfortunately, since Chloe's had a ton of changes over the last three weeks, that when we left her alone (as she couldn't come to the pool) at JG's apartment, we came back to find that with the thunder, which she dearly dislikes, that she'd taken a major-tinkle on the couch.  Yikes!  Luckily, this couch is the easiest thing in the world to clean, apparently, because some cleaning spray and wiping down fixed the problem.  We just need to get her back into her regular routine.  And, with all the dogs she got to hang out and acclimate to on our trip, she picked up the charming habit of now howling while we're away.  Need to break her of that...Living in an apartment means you are going to get some neighborly noise, of course, but we don't need her to be obnoxious while we run to the store for five minutes or downtown for a couple hours and can't take her.  She usually cries a bit and whimpers, but howling is so not cool.  Need to fix.  
Anyway! Salt Lake was awesome, we had a cool party at Kris's sister's house and so all friends and relatives available got to come and see us all at the same time and hang out for a few hours, I got to see a few more landmarks around town, and meet my 9 month old nephew in law, Asher, who is the cutest thing in the world!  The week we were there he was just figuring out how to scoot himself forward on the floor, and is now focused on chasing the 90 pound Bernese Mountain dog my brother-in-law and his wife have, who is so good with Asher.  Asher, is a perpetually happy baby who plays at trying to be mad or fussy but then two seconds later he's all smiles again!  Got to see friends of ours who got married a few months back and had a baby three weeks ago now, and attended their newborn son's brit (pronounced "bris"), which was quite the family occasion.  Met all sorts of people whose names I won't remember or who I probably won't meet again.  But it was good to see Amir and Butterfly and meet their new baby!  
Colorado was excellent-we chilled out with the groom to be for a couple of days and then I hooked up with Kris's fam when they came into town for the night of the bachelor party (we'd been staying at our friend's house and then moved on to a timeshare for a couple of nights before the wedding.)  The weather was gorgeous, it was 75-85 degrees with snow still on the mountains around us in Breckenridge!  A bit bizarre!    But great views.  The wedding site was beautiful, the ceremony was fantastic, the officiate was hilarious!  And the food and music and dancing and reception all wonderful.  Hardly bright and very early the next morning Kris, our friend Rich and I packed up into the car around 4 am to get to Denver at 6:30 to get to the airport and get checked in to our flight with time to take Chloe out to do her business and get through security.  Denver to a very hot Atlanta, and Atlanta to Milan, where we come full circle to finding our one suitcase lost and getting on an hour bus-ride back to Lugano, then on the train back to our apartment, a quick trip to the store, showers, and a major nap-time...I think my schedule is still off!  I did laundry yesterday, made lunch, took Chloe down with Kris when he went back to work, came up, put on a movie and promptly napped out for a good three hours after getting a full night's sleep...It's 9:30 pm here now and if I can have another cup of tea and hold out for another hour, I think that will do a lot to get my body back on track.  Hoping this rain keeps up a teeny bit longer-according to Kris's coworkers July is the hottest month and then it scales back down (though it was super hot when we got here in mid August last year, so we'll see) but the past two days I've been living in tanks, and skirts or shorts, and we didn't get to sleep last night until 2:30 am or so because it was so warm we didn't think falling asleep right away was going to happen.  The rain would be a nice break!  
More trip pictures coming, swear!  

Allie H.

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