Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Luck of the Partial Irish

My Irish blood is coming in handy this month!
This week thus far has been freebie, amazing week! Last week I found a GYN 5 minutes from the lobby of our building that took our insurance and had open appointments for this week.  So I made an appointment over their affiliated appointment setter for 10:30 Monday morning.  The service sent me a confirmation email.  Then the clinic sent me a confirmation email for 10:00 am.  Which I thought odd but I called them and they said I was confirmed for 10:00 am and, since the craigslist gods have yet to place me in line with the perfect admin job less than an hour away via the Metro, it was no big  deal.  So I went to my appointment, took the clinic survey that they sent via email after, and then the appointment setter service survey that THEY sent me via email.  I mentioned that there may be a technical issue because there was a difference in time between the clinic and their reservation but there was no real big worry on my part.  
Well, about an hour after, I got a phone call from a representative at the appointment service.  The gal on the other end of the line explained that she'd seen my survey results and she wanted to know more about what I'd mentioned and I explained it pretty much the same as I just detailed here above, and that since I'm married to a Sys Admin I just know that its good to mention something that may be a problem even if it's teeny tiny.  We chatted for a moment and she was glad that it wasn't a huge problem for me in particular but that they usually don't have an issue with the time selection and that she would make sure to follow up with the clinic and look into it just to make sure that other people aren't having the same issue who have to drive a long way or have a tighter schedule, so on and so forth, but that she'd like to send me a $10 gift card to make up for the hassle.  Why, yes! Thank you.  We hung up and in about 5 minutes there was a new email in my inbox and along with the confirmation for the card, they offered to send me a free t-shirt as well if I sent my address and preferred size.  Well, free t-shirts rule so I sent along my info and was further assured that it would be in the mail shortly. 
The freebie luck did not stop there!  Tuesday night there was a promo at World of Beer for a particular brewery that had seven new beers on tap and since it was Dogfish Beer and doggie-beer Tuesday, why not?  If you ordered on one tab four out of the seven you got a free brewery brand shirt.  Well, the brewery rep only brought about 15 shirts and by the time my friends and us had gotten to four, our waitress informed us that they were out of shirts.  She sent the rep over and he assured us that while he didn't normally do this, he had extra swag in his car and wait there, he'd be right back.  He brought up a box of 12-ounce beer glasses branded with the brewery name.  We walked away that night with a pair of them.
Luck in general-we've been sleeping on an air mattress for two months and I finally found on craigslist, while just browsing the furniture section, a BRAND new mattress and box spring still in plastic, with delivery, for $250. We jumped on the deal and had a new, actual bed delivered to us by the end of lunchtime on Friday.  Air mattress? Tucked away in the guest room closet on top of our suitcases.
Find a penny, pick it up: Today, while on a downstairs run with the Chloe-monster, I spotted a shiny penny on the pavement.  I seem to be the lucky one in that regard.  Since we'v been living here I've picked up 8 cents off the ground that were all in a well foot-traversed area that other people just walked right by.  A week and a half ago Kris found a twenty-dollar bill.  If people are going to keep up the trend of dropping change here and there and everywhere in Miami, I'm going to keep in the habit of picking it up.  (Not to mention that today, having sent about 8 replies to job postings this week and having sent about 50 over the last three weeks, I finally may have an opportunity. Someone replied to me today on a work-from-home on your own time basis for a legitimate business.)  Keep it up, universe!  I'm enjoying it very much!  Hope you all are finding your own bits of luck out there as of late.
Happy Good Karma!

Allie H. 

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