Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This is news??


A new survey shows that men use the sniff test to tell if their clothing is clean enough to wear or if they need to toss it in the laundry hamper....hmmm...no kidding!  
I'm sorely disappointed in the level of banal reports on the Today Show.  Not that it was ever the best and most intellectual morning show on television (I could learn more watching Martha Stewart but I just can't stand her) but fluff pieces like this are just that: FLUFF!  The rate at which they tell people these days that they already know is astounding!  We should demand more from our morning shows so we can sit back and learn something new while we sip our coffee.  Being over here, the only actual news we watch anymore, if we care, is CNN, and the Daily Show, with Jon Stewart.  News with comedic antics.  Far from what The Today Show can boast anymore.  Watch it for a year and a half, and you'll see the same thing, over and over.  In the summer, how to have a family cookout, complete with classic recipes "with a twist" from Food Network chefs.  Craft personalities showing us how to glue ribbon to jars to create homespun centerpieces.  (I'm not saying you shouldn't be crafty.  I personally LOVE being crafty.)  But it's all the same...over and over again.  What to wear to a summer wedding.  Beauty tips.  Celebrity buzz on something that's two minutes long that inexplicably takes them ten minutes to chatter over.  Ten minutes of my life that I'll never get back.  Let's inject a little more new information into our morning routine, folks!  

Or better yet, where can I sign up to get paid to come up with "already done" ideas that we haven't talked about for at least three seasons (as in, winter, spring, summer.)  How about...washing your clothes with detergent helps get them clean faster?  Or, chewing your food before swallowing reduces the chances of choking on it?  Someone's getting paid to pitch these ideas and write a one-page article on some survey's findings.  Might as well be me....I could use some new boots....

Allie H.

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